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John Johnson Application Form for LSNews Leadership

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John Johnson Application Form for LSNews Leadership  Empty John Johnson Application Form for LSNews Leadership

Post by Unknown Fri Aug 12, 2016 5:54 pm

Full Name:
John Johnson


Phone number:

Home Address:

Place of Birth:
Palomino Hospital, New Robada

Why do you wish to join SANews? (Min of 200 words)
The name's Johnson, I got one dream, becoming a news reporter. There are a million reasons on why I wanna become a news reporter. Can't state all of 'em though..
First of all, I've always liked the idea of being a news reporter who spreads news all over the world with the help of nothing but a mic.
Second, I want to earn some money to raise a family which'll have a John Johnson Jr.
And .. My character is well built and ready for everything, let it be anything, I'll be standing there to handle and sort it out. I never quit, I keep trying. That's how I succeed.
As I've said before, I really want to make the dream of being a news reporter true.. I'll work as hard as I can.. I'll try to be on duty as much as I can, and I'll make all the citizens happy as they can ever be.
I've also noticed that the LSNews is on the hunt for new Interns and Reporters to make some good news to be broadcast-ed all over the world, well, I'd go out on a limb here and suggest MYSELF to you guys.
Ehm.. One last thing.. I want to 'improve' many things which are unresolved in the LSNews, like, people are not really checked correctly for their literary speaking skills, I'd like to step up and resolve that issue correctly. Thank you

Why should we hire you?: (Min of 100 words)
Well, I should be the one of the hundreds to be chosen as I'm loyal, hard-working and truthful. I'm never over-confident about anything and I follow every single order given by a senior. I am not power hungry but I'm always curious to climb up posts. But.. I'll try not to be 'begging' and 'asking' for high posts so I could get powers.. I know a lot, and I mean A LOT about news.. I have a sharp mind, I think of stuff fast and easy and I love making events. Thas' all.

An example of a news article or report of your choice: (Anything you want to write about. Min of 150 words)
*The news jingle would fade in as you would hear my voice*

Ay' 'yo! San Andrean and New Robadan citizens! It's yo' boy Johnson with the latest news! So, ehm.. I'm currently runnin' with my boy Stewie in this News-van.. We've just seen a couple of two black dudes gettin' arrested by the feds. I dunno' what they were up to but these feds.. they sure do.
Lemme get one of these guys on air to get you updated on whats happenin' 'ere.
*The mic would click as the news jingle would fade and my voice would fade out*

*The mic would click on again followed by the FBI advertisement*
Ay! It's Johnson back with Agent Cross over 'ere with me! Ey cross, mind greeting the people who are watchin' you?

*Another mic would click on with a different voice following it*
Guest : Testing 1..2..3.. Is this thing on?
Yo, Cross, don't worry mate, it's recordin' all the things your wormhole is sayin'
Guest : oh, Alright. Good Evening, Citizens of San Andreas and Surrounding Nation.. This is Special Agent Cross speaking.
Yo,, nigger. wanna get over the intro and start the real thang'?
Guest : [low voice] would you just shut up?! [The voice would clear] Alright.. where were we? Oh.. yes! So uhm.. we've arrested these Anglo-African people for they were shooting a couple who were silently having dinner at the Carragio Bistro.. The rest of the information is classified, so I won't be able to tell that to you.
Thank you.
*The mic would drop immediately and you'd hear the FBI advertisement*

It's Robby again. This guy just left without notice in his SWAT cruiser. like.. seriously.. These guys now.. Anyways! that's all for now, I'll see ya'll next time with some great news! peace out!

*The news jingle would fade in as my voice would fade out*

Departmental Agreement:
By signing this application, you agree to the following:
I have read the SANews Handbook and I fully understand the rules, regulations, and duties that are expected of me., I certify that all information provided above is true and correct and is my original work., If my application is found to be plagiarized, I understand that I will be permanently denied from employment.

John Johnson

(( OOC Section ))


Time zone:
GMT +8

Alternate accounts and their levels (if any):
Nothing only John Johnson

Past role-play history:
LSPD - Rank 6 - Chief of Police
FDSA - Rank 4 - Captain

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