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Koy_Koy Ban appeal

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Koy_Koy Ban appeal Empty Koy_Koy Ban appeal

Post by Koy Koy Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:49 pm

Full In-game Name: Koy_Koy
Date of Ban: June 20, 2020
Who was the admin that banned you:AdminBot
Reason why they banned you:Flyhack
Why do you feel we should unban you?: First of all I didn't do any kind of hacks nor flyhack, It happened when I was going to enter a car (the model of the car is a racer I think?) I was stunned then I flew right infront of the car, I was in the engine mechanism (bugged) The moment I was recovering from stunned I got banned 6 days please unban me asap admin. Thanks

Koy Koy
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