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Post by Bryan chuayap* Wed Jun 03, 2020 11:44 pm



The Caustic Venom was founded in the 1850s by Vhon Villaran, a former scientist who served prison terms for the invention of prisoners. with Bryan Chuayap forming the group Caustic Venom. Based out of Los Santos' mulholland, the gang recruited local unemployed, aggressive young men as experemented youngsters and also used law-abiding thieves to enhance their reputation with established criminals. The mulholland is also strategically located near mullholand: the intersection leading to Los Santos, and the industrial state, the Los Santos ring, as well as the Los Santos International Airport. Controlling these transportation hubs allows the Caustic Venom group to enter muscle in the business of importing cars and barrels. But in early 1898, Caustic Venom's dominance was challenged by the gang. Together with the gonzales gang and other magicians, the Caustic Venom alliance formed to oust Gonzales. The gang war claimed many casualties, and in a gun battle at lossantos six Gonzales and four giyang were killed.

HOKAGE (leader)
RAIKAGE (coleader)

Vhon_villaran (leader)
Bryan_chuayap (coleader)
ISAAC_SANDOVAL (special jounin)
Justin_pillas (genin)
Jp_pena (genin)
Cris_lester (genin)
Carl_ellie (genin)

Id skin:249
Id skin: 240
Id skin : 217

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