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Mica Sanchez' LSPD Form/Application

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Mica Sanchez' LSPD Form/Application Empty Mica Sanchez' LSPD Form/Application

Post by MicaSanchez Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:22 am

IN CHARACTER (IC) Information
Personal Information

Full name: Mica_Sanchez
Date of Birth: January 18 2001

Basic Requirements

Knows how to Properly RP (/me and /do): YES (Playing since 2016)
Clean Admin Records: YES


3.1 Tell us some things about yourself.

Mica Sanchez recently moved to Los Santos because of financial needs of her family, she is a hardworking girl and knows the basics of Law and Human rights. Mica participated in Reserved Officers Training Corpse as she moved to Los Santos Mica doesn't have anything , a house , a car or anything only a picture of her family and her clean school and town records. Now as a challenge Mica saw that Los Santos really needs more Officers / LEOs to keep the city's peace and order. So I decided to try and apply to the Los Santos Police department to be a part and to help maintain the city's peace and order. I know how to drive since in my hometown I use to be a mechanic and I always do drifting, so chasing criminals would be an easy task for me.

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of other applicants
I believe I have the capability to handle this job and I know most of the rules (RP rules) and how it works. I was an LSPD officer on my hometown too (other server). I have equal perspective and I do not judge easily. I always follow higher ups orders and commands. And I believe I can be a great part of success in keeping Los Santos peaceful and silent.

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in department
I can see myself if ever I can be a part of this great faction as one of the most elite officer and feared by the criminals , I can see myself as one of the successful LEO , a policewoman and a law-abiding citizen of Los Santos.

Criminal Records: NONE and no plans to do anything stupid.
Reason of Joining : There's a lot of undisciplined citizens that do not fear and respect our fellow LEOs

Out of Character(OOC) information:'

Name: Michelle ****** (Privacy purposes)
Age: 19
Last name: ******** (Privacy purposes)

Gender: Female


**Please reply if I need to submit any further information to complete my application**
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