Lukas Applying in Los Santos Police Department

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Lukas Applying in Los Santos Police Department

Post by LukasGraham on Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:09 pm

1. Personal Information

Full Name:Lukas_Graham_Equinox
Date of Birth:09-26-2000

2. Basic Requirements

Knows how to properly RP:Yes
Clean Admin Records:Yes


3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (No word limit):Im Lukas Graham Lived in Marina City Looking a Work's and looking a new friends,

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (No word limit): I Can Defend a People in Los Santos and Help a Old Man's/Old Woman's in Criminalization about robbing,snatching,kidnapping

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (No word limit):If im one year in department, i do my best to be a swat division.

Screen Shot about Stats:

Signed [DATE]
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