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Post by Pawn on Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:22 pm

****1st Step: Select your Item****
Premium Item List (Click me)

****2nd Step: Payment Method****
-For LBC or Cebuana Pera Padala
Address:  ---
-For coins.ph (Bit Coins)
PHP Address:  3FxjT2pfFurjLRyq4yk8qwfzZY8oc9XT8B
BTC Address:  3BWYPKdLtQmaMfMDB83zEHCjxcEix346yN
You Can register your bitcoin account and load at 7/11 @coin.ph
Don't Have coins.ph account? you can request 7/11 Instant Deposit to Pawn he will give you a CODE
then go to the nearest 7/11 Shop and Load That Code its more cheaper than any Pera Padala like LBC or Cebuana
Minimum of 100 Php in every donation

****3rd Make a Donation Form and send it to****
Form to claim your donation:
Sender's Name:
Control Number:
Purchase Item:

Your donation will be process within 24-hours

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